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5 February 2017 in Tips & Advice

Safety Regulations for Balustrades

When considering home renovations or extension, it is important to be aware of any related safety regulations. Although many might think of it as unnecessary or something that can be overlooked, you should always keep in mind that these regulations are designed for your own safety and wellbeing.

Between the years 2002 and 2012, over 20 people have died after falling over decks or balconies in Queensland alone, along with over hundreds of injuries. That is why, the Building Code of Australia (BCA), has established a set of regulations for states and homeowners to follow when installing balustrades. The objective is to establish an industry standard and increase safety for everyone involved.

For instance, balustrades near heavily crowded areas should be considerably higher, especially for places where people congregate or drink alcohol. If you have children at home, your balustrades must be of an adequate height to stop them from climbing over. These are just some instances that we can look at as examples, but the essential fact remains that these regulations are not something that should be taken lightly or ignored. Here at Superior Glass Pool Fencing, we take these rules and regulations very seriously and strive to follow and incorporate them into our pool fencing practices. Below we list some of the current BCA balustrade requirements for your personal knowledge and awareness.

  • The top of the balustrades must be a minimum of 1 metre above the ground. This height must be taken from finished surfaces, and can be significantly different for surfaces like tiles and carpet.
  • All openings must restrict a 125mm sphere from passing through, which is equivalent to the size of a child’s head, ensuring that they cannot get stuck.
  • The gap between the ground surface and the bottom rail should not be more than 100 millimetres.
  • For balconies with a fall height exceeding 4 metres there must not be any horizontal or near horizontal elements between 150 and 760 millimetres above the floor that facilitate climbing.
  • All metal connectors used, including nails, screws, bolts and brackets, should be hot dipped galvanised.

There are a lot other factors that can be considered, from climate to nail holes, to the class of timber species. To learn more or for some professional pool fencing solutions, contact us today!

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