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25 February 2019 in Tips & Advice

5 Things You Might Not Know About Pool Fencing Laws

When it comes to pool fencing it doesn’t look like a hero, it doesn’t wear a cape, it certainly doesn’t fly around, but on so many occasions pool fencing saves lives.

Pool fencing could be considered one of this era’s unsung heroes. As of 2009, all Queensland pools, both new and old must adhere to pool safety laws, this includes installing a pool fence around your pool, and since its introduction we have seen a dramatic decrease in the number of children drowning.

So, whilst some people hate the red tape around pool safety laws, no one can deny that saving the lives of children is well worth it.

 Pool fencing laws you might not be aware of:

  1. Did you know that pool fencing is also necessary for temporary pools? Yes, if you have a temporary pool, even an inflatable one, if it is filled with more than 30cm of water you are required by law to have a four-sided temporary safety barrier placed around it.
  1. Pool safety laws also apply to spas and above ground pools. So, before purchasing your spa, be prepared to be pool safety compliant.
  1. Pool fence gates must not open inwards. All pool fence gates must open out wards, and MUST self-latch from all positions.
  1. You must have a CPR sign displayed either around the pool or near the pool, so it is visible within the pool area.
  1. If you don’t comply with pool safety laws you could be looking at a $883.05 on-the spot fine for individuals, and $2,523 for companies.

Pool Fencing That Enhances Your Home

Pool fencing is a not just law, it is a great way to give you peace of mind. Pool fencing doesn’t need to be ugly, it can actually enhance your pool area and add value to your home. Talk to the team at Superior Glass Pool Fencing on the Gold Coast and see how glass pool fencing, both semi-frameless, and frameless pool fencing can make your pool and/or spa area look amazing.

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