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15 March 2019 in Tips & Advice

Your 2019 to-do list

Whether you are selling your home, or you just like to maintain and update your property, we have a renovation check-list for you.

Pinterest is a great way to workshop some renovation ideas, but for the basics, why not just write yourself an old-fashioned to-do list and go through it one-by-one.

To-do list

It’s easy to let the little things slip, so walk around the house with a hammer and screw driver and fix all those loose handles, wonky picture frames, and change those old blown-out light bulbs.

No renovation is cheaper and more effective than a good paint job. Painting the house can transform your home from drab to fab in no time.

Clearing surfaces and organising your home is a great way to neaten up. Adding helpful storage ideas will help keep your home neat and tidy.

Nothing looks better than a clean and tidy home, so once you’ve decluttered get to work on cleaning those skirting boards, dusting off the cobwebs, and cleaning those windows. It’s amazing the difference a spring clean can make, and if you’re serious about making a difference, why not get a carpet cleaner or tile cleaner in to get your floors looking and smelling like new.

To-do list outdoors

Gold Coast residents are truly blessed with our beautiful sub-tropical climate, and we are making the most of it with our outdoor areas. Much like your home, the outdoor areas need some maintenance.

Clearing the debris, leaves, and clutter from your yard will give it an instant boast, but nothing looks as good as a freshly mowed lawn.

Want to take your yard to the next level? Have you considered a landscape gardener?

A pool is always a welcome addition to a Gold Coast home since the temperatures can get quite high, a pool provides a great way to cool off. However, an unkempt pool can not only be unsanitary, it can be ugly. With regular pool maintenance you can enjoy crystal clear water.

Now you’ve gotten the pool looking great and safe for use, it might be time to make sure your glass pool fencing is clean. Use some warm soapy water to clean your pool fencing, rinse, and then wipe. Clean pool fencing is not only safer, it also looks great too.

Pool Fencing – It’s the Law!

When it comes to enhancing your home and adding value, glass pool fencing does both, plus it adds a layer of safety and peace of mind. Don’t risk a fine, or even worse a potential drowning by not complying with pool safety laws.

Call the team at Superior Pool Fencing on the Gold Coast and we will ensure your pool fencing is up to Queensland Pool Safety standards.

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