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5 April 2019 in Tips & Advice

Privacy Screen Regulations You Should Be Aware Of

Love thy neighbour

For some people, unfortunately it’s not a case of love they neighbour it’s a case of tolerate thy neighbour. Even if you do love your neighbour, having some privacy is always welcome.

In a day and age where property prices are soaring, and plot sizes are getting smaller privacy is a rare commodity. Whilst you might not be able to move the fence lines, you can add a privacy screen around your home.

Benefits of a privacy screen

Privacy screens can be used to increase privacy, but they can also be used to cover unsightly areas, such as the bin area.

At Superior Glass Pool Fencing, we have a range of attractive, aluminium screens that will enhance privacy, and look good too.

Privacy screens are a great way to block out glare and minimise the amount of heat that can enter your home.

However, you need to be aware of some regulations regarding privacy screens.

Regulations Around Privacy Screens

  • A fence or privacy screen needs council approval if it’s over 2 metres high. Obviously, anything that is more than 2 metres high will need to be strengthened to deal with high winds.
  • The cone of vision for your neighbour looking at the privacy screens mustn’t be more than a 45-degree angle.
  • The privacy screen can not restrict water-run off from the neighbouring property.
  • A boundary fence must be set back at least 900mm from the boundary line.

Privacy Screens That Enhance Your Privacy

When it comes to privacy, you might want to consider talking to your neighbour, they might appreciate the privacy screen as much as you. Discussing a privacy screen with your neighbour means they might even be willing to pay half, and you won’t have to worry about obstructing their view, as long as you are both in agreement.

Call the team at Superior Glass Pool Fencing on the Gold Coast to discuss your privacy screen options.

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