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5 March 2017 in Tips & Advice

DIY vs. Professional Pool Fencing

In the scorching hot Australian summers, a home pool becomes more of a necessity than a luxury.

When you are installing a pool at home it is important to organise your compliant pool fencing at the same time.

Should you just DIY the pool fence installation yourself or should you look into hiring professional help?

Here at Superior Glass Pool Fencing, we believe that there is no one straight answer, as each side comes with its own set of pros and cons. To help you with the decision, make sure to read this whole post and get a clear overview of what each option has to offer.

Pros and Cons of DIY Pool Fencing

  • Pros – The first thing that generally pops into one’s mind when considering what pool fence to installation, is how much is it going to cost? That is when DIY pool fence installation might seem like a viable option to save some money. Being able to put up your own pool fence can certainly save you some money on labour, while also providing the option to make your own customisations and designs.
  • Cons – Depending on the material you pick and the size of your pool, DIY pool fence installation can be a demanding task, especially if you do not have any previous construction experience. Getting the fence height just right, gathering the required materials, making the fences firm and keeping a consistent design can all be quite challenging. There is a lot of room for errors, and improper DIY installations are all too common, so you risk not being compliant with Queensland regulations.

Pros and Cons of Professional Pool Fencing

  • Pros – When you are hiring professional pool fencing experts, you can rest assured that your finished product will be stable, safe and without fault. Pool fencing professionals carry years of experience with them and will assist you every step of the way, from picking the right pool fence, to getting the right amount of materials, to keeping a consistent design. You will have a clear idea on the time of completion and cost and – more importantly your pool fence will be compliant with current regulations.
  • Cons – Hiring professionals for the installation task does mean an additional cost along with the required materials, but for a better end result it is the option that most people opt for. Whilst it is a little more expensive, hiring a professional does guarantee that the will be done correctly with no room for accidents or errors.

Need some professional pool fencing assistance to set up your new pool fence safely and without any stress? Feel free to reach out to us any day of the week. Enquire Now

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