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5 March 2019 in Tips & Advice

Tips on How to Clean Your Pool Fencing

A stunning blue pool, with crystal clear water looks amazing! There’s no denying that on a Gold Coast hot summers day the sparkling water looks so attractive; when it comes to keeping your pool clean you know the amounts of chlorine to put in, and how to maintain it, but do you know how to keep your pool fencing looking great?

When looking at your pool, a dirty pool fence can drag down the whole appearance of your pool area. A dirty pool fence isn’t pleasant to look at, and it certainly won’t help with sales if your house is on the market.

Dirty pool fencing can also be a safety hazard, a clear visual pool fence is essential for seeing what is happening on the other side, those smudges can make it harder to see if any children are in the pool area when they aren’t meant to be.

So, what do you do? Well it’s easier than you think to maintain your beautiful pool fencing.

Tips to Cleaning Your Pool Fencing

The first tip we have at superior glass pool fencing is to not use a window cleaner. Whilst it seems like the obvious thing to use, the results are often smudged and streaky.

The best course of action when cleaning your pool fencing is washing up liquid. Yes, just your run of the mill, inexpensive washing up liquid. At Superior Glass Pool Fencing, we don’t suggest buying lots of expensive cleaners, because we know that warm, soapy water gets the best results.

Much like your dishes at home, wash the glass with a soft sponge using warm soapy water, and when you are finish simply dry them, you’ll be surprised by the sparkling results.

When you see a bird dropping, or mud splatter, ensure you spot clean the area to prevent glass erosion.

Glass Pool Fencing on the Gold Coast

Keeping your beautiful glass pool fencing clean is easy and inexpensive, so before reaching for the glass cleaner, grab the Morning Fresh and some warm water and get to work. If you need any advice, call the team from Superior Glass Pool Fencing on the Gold Coast, we’re here to help.

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