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15 February 2019 in Tips & Advice

Pool games the kids, and big kids will love

You’ve installed a pool, you’ve taken the necessary safety precautions by installing a beautiful glass pool fence from Superior Glass Pool Fencing, so what now?

Well now is time to enjoy!

There’s nothing quite like a dip in the pool on a hot summer’s day, especially on the sunny Gold Coast. When it comes to summer fun, nothing beats a good pool game, so let’s make the most of your pool with some fun pool games for all the family.

Marco Polo

We’ve all heard of Marco Polo, and this game is even better in a small pool. The person that has their eyes closed yell Marco and the others have to yell Polo until they catch someone. This game is always a winner!

Ping Pong Pool

Each player has a basket by the side of the pool; throw a few bags of ping pong balls into the water. One ping pong ball at a time, the kids must fill their baskets until they are all gone. The winner is the one with the most ping pongs in their basket.

Sharks and Minnows

When you are looking for a little excitement in the pool, sharks and minnows is a great way to keep the kids, and the big kids entertained.

Choose a person to stand in the middle of the pool, this is the shark, we usually recommend more sharks for a larger pool with more people.

The shark shouts minnows, and as the minnows make their way to the other side of the pool the shark must try and tag them. The minnows that are tagged are out, until you are left with one shark and one minnow competing.

Floatie Race

The floatie race is very serious. Sea horses, unicorns, and crocodiles are you ready? On your marks, get set, GO! The first one to the other side wins.

Pool fencing on the Gold Coast

Long summer days spent in the pool are gold, but the peace of mind a Superior Glass Pool Fencing pool fence can give you is priceless.

Call superior Glass Pool Fencing on the Gold Coast today.

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