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5 May 2017 in Tips & Advice

So, You Don’t Have Kids; Here’s Why a Pool Fence is Still Important

The mandatory pool fence can feel like a frustrating addition to your pool and home when you don’t have kids, or even have friends who have kids. What’s the point? Well, here are the reasons why a pool fence is still a benefit and important addition to your home.

To start with, they’re pretty. A modern glass frameless fencing or semi-frameless fencing is a beautiful addition to your pool. Unlike the old metal rail fencing that blocks your view and rusts, glass will add a touch of elegance and subtlety to your outdoor area.

It’s also sincerely low maintenance, with no rust or rotting. Glass pool fencing is easy to clean, and it lasts. So, years later it will still look brand new. Plus, they glass is specially treated to be tough and withstand extreme force. It can be trusted to withstand extreme weather and tough treatment without breaking.

The biggest benefit, because you do still have to have it no matter if you have kids or not, is that it blends! Glass pool fencing won’t obstruct your beautiful view or take away from your elegant home design. It will be a subtle addition that will make your mandatory fencing a delight. It will complement any style or look and become a pleasant sight rather than a negative focus.

Adding a fence can enhance your home’s appeal while transforming your yard into a safer and more private haven. It is an extension of your house that can add a great deal of charm and character for your property.

Superior Glass Pool fencing offers their Gold Coast customers the choice of Frameless Glass Pool fencing, Semi-Frameless Glass Pool fencing and Aluminium Powder Coated Baluster pool fencing, which are popular for their attractive appearance and strength and present tasteful and maintenance free alternative to traditional fencing fixture.

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